by yaki101

Otakon 2006


Yoshiki is probably the most influential artist in Asia, if not the biggest rock icon. The fact that you may be unaware of Yoshiki or his band X-Japan stands as a testament to the invisible barriers of pop culture between East and West. Never one to adhere to convention, that situation is about to change. Born of the Tokyo underground scene, Yoshiki was drummer, pianist, songwriter, and producer of X-Japan: the band that started the explosive isual kei?rock scene. X-Japan meteoric success was unstoppable, only outshone by their spectacular live showsntil tragedy struck with the death of beloved guitarist Hide in 1998.

Stunned by the loss of his friend, Yoshiki sought sanctuary from the overwhelming emotional outpour and the relentless pursuit of the Japanese press by moving to Los Angeles. He wouldn emerge again publicly until asked to compose a piano concerto to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Japanese Emperor ascension to the throne. During this period Yoshiki also composed two orchestral albums to great critical acclaim and was subsequently asked to write the theme for the 2005 World Expo. Conducted by Yoshiki, the theme was performed at the opening ceremony by a uper World Orchestra?consisting of over 100 of the best musicians from around the globe. Consistent with his disregard for barriers and his appreciation for contrast, Yoshiki has also been responsible for producing some of the most influential bands in Japan, including Glay and Dir En Grey.

Continuing to explore and push the limits, his latest project/new obsession iolet UK?transcends musical boundaries, blurring the edges between fashion, music, sex, technology, and underground culture -- between the avant-garde and experimental rock using female vocalists which he hand picked from thousands of contenders -- raw and melodic, love and fear.

For over a decade this masterpiece has been evolving, its attention to detail fanatical, and those chosen to participate in the project pushed incessantly to excel. The rumors are already starting to surface, and fractions of music have appeared on the internet to be avidly consumed by waiting fans. The overlord of J-Rock is preparing his media assault from the underground kingdom?
by YAKI101 | 2006-06-27 17:52 | X JAPAN NEWS