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I'm back! (fm vuk)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm back!
Current mood: lonely

Hi everyone. I'm back in LA, trying to get back to my everyday recording habit.

Some people have asked me about my TV interview last week in Japan......and yes I was a little out of it. People thought I was depressed or mad........but I was just thinking of the desert for my dinner, and the next day's drink.... I ended up bringing a French red wine to Hides' grave site, and had a drink with him. (well, really, I was kind of alone.................)

Well: I'm gonna keep on rockin. (I mean recording)



PS This week I'm planning to play drums a lot! (just so I can get back in shape).....'cause I ate too much pudding in Japan.

原來.... 你喜歡吃布丁啊 = =|||
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