by yaki101


Current mood: weird

Wow……. I got hacked.

A lot of people sent me messages about a bulletin that I never knew about. People also asked "Was it really you?"

I guess you know me very well. I rarely post something like that.

Also some people are very worried that I would get pissed off and shut down my page on MySpace……

Anyways, the problem has been fixed, and not to worry…. I don't hate my space yet……

Maybe the hacker is right: I should pimp up my page. ha ha ha ha…..! (Hopefully that hacker's stunt didn't cause any problems for anyone.)

As always I'm so lucky to have sweet people like you to support me……and a million moms. Thank you!!

By the way I'm going to work all night tonight, ha ha ha ha (with Dr. Evil's pinky finger) and then maybe sleep a little tomorrow. Hopefully I can upload a new song or some new progress on the Violet UK page soon.

Love You!!!



Guess what... Tomorrow the former X Japan's manager is flying in from Tokyo, we're going to dinner in Beverly Hills at the CHINESE RESTAURANT!!!!!!!!!

Yum yum!
by YAKI101 | 2006-10-24 00:22 | X JAPAN NEWS