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Friday, August 04, 2006

Current mood: sleepy

Hi everyone!

I'm at LAX right now. I have already missed two fucking flights -- but I'm glad I made it. I haven't checked myspace for a long time, because I've been working on an soundtrack for some hollywood movie. The deadline was shortened, so, for the last two weeks I've been working eighteen to twenty hours a day, writing and recording a new song. The song is pretty cool, I may actually put it on the VUK album.... I just finished mixing three hours ago then came to the airport directly from the studio. Well actually, I couldn't really finish the final version, so it's still a rough mix. I guess the song is cool...well...I don't.know.. I can't really think right now.......... The song is called Blue Butterfly. It's about human's basic nature. Anyway, I don't exactly know what I'm doing right now at the airport. I guess I'm waiting for the next flight to Washington D.C. for OTAKON and drinking a Bloody Mary... I'm so spaced out, and especially the last few days I haven't really slept. I hope I'm going to look okay when I get to see my fans.... Well.... maybe I should get drunk on the airplane... because I haven't even had a sip of wine for entire month.... You know what, maybe I should read the messages you guys sent me while I'm in there... Also, maybe I can finally start adding all of my friend requests. I'm really sorry for the delay.... I love you... but I guess I'm really fucked up.....well... ROCK N ROLL!!!

I'll see you guys soon... not only the people in Baltimore, but everyone who has sent me love from all around the world....LOVE YOU!!!


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